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Do you love anything and everything RC related? So do we here at RC Legends so come in side and have a chat about the greatest hobby on earth
  • RC helicopters are responsible for putting the RC flying hobby on the map. Around 2010, cheap imported RC helicopters began flooding the market and people's interest was captured. It's said by many that the popularity or helicopters gave rise to quadcopter and drone hobby scene
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  • Similar to quadcopters (that use four rotors to fly), an octocopter employs eight rotors (octo means eight). This has several advantages and also a few disadvantages that you can learn about in this category
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  • Quadcopters are a type of multirotor helicopter that make use of four rotors (hence the name "quad"). But you already knew that didn't you? Discuss your favourite quadcopters here and ask any questions about quadcopter buying, building, flying and anything else.
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  • Love them or hate them, DJI are the name most people think of when talking about commercial drones. The Phantom range in particular has really "taken off" (excuse the pun) despite the high cost
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  • General discussions
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