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The Story Behind Biometics

Biometics is a newly emerging startup from El Segundo, California, that has helped consumers make money in the online retail business by solving their problem of filling out forms. Biometics was created by Ivy Wong and is based on her experience as a "recluse" who used to live and work on a boat. After her father died, she decided to find a way to help her get back to school and college for a career.

In fact, the reason she decided to launch Biometics was because she wanted to make college more affordable for her. She had always dreamed of going back to school and being able to fulfill her dream by getting a degree and working in the field she chose, but not being able to afford it.

Biometics had come up with online survey software that would allow its customers to fill out online surveys and give them their feedback, and then, get paid for that work. It was so simple and intuitive that it made the whole thing come together and be easy for the consumer to use and understand.

Biometric Valves - Testing Your Body Functions had worked with other online survey companies to develop partnerships and distribution agreements, but now it was time to grow their business. Biometics partnered with youngevity, a traditional long distance phone service provider. The Story Behind Biometics was done to allow youngevity to be able to take control of its own customer database, which allowed youngevity to have access to more information about your profile, allowing it to build and utilize its data for its own marketing purposes.

Youngevity makes the customer data available through its website, which then goes directly to the manufacturers and distributors of cell phones, laptops, and other devices. The more youngevity has the list of its consumers, the more likely they are to make sales to youngevity clients.

In just one month, Biometics had become the largest network of cellphone retailers in the United States and has continued to grow every day. It was able to meet and surpass its goal of $100 million in annual sales in the first year alone. They have consistently grown their presence on the web and the company's success continues to validate its concept.

Biometics has been able to offer top-notch customer service and return rate guarantees, allowing its customers to feel comfortable and safe with their purchases. This has helped to cement its place in the marketplace and the companies that they partner with have been very pleased.
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