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Romantic New Zealand - Mount Taranaki

When covered with a veil of mist and rain, Taranaki is said to be weeping for his lost Pihanga. But for now the mountain stands amid its own cloak of deep green bush, a majestic icon for the region. Already well known for its unpredictability, Mount Taranaki may some day provide a spectacular challenge. Peak travel … Mount Taranaki and in the foreground the Waiwhakaiho River and city of New Plymouth.
Lambert, Ron (13 July 2012). "Taranaki Region - The mountain". Te Ara Encyclopedia of New Zealand. The eastern side from Stratford leads to the Stratford Mountain House, and the ski field. NASA satellite photo of Taranaki.
Mount Taranaki (2,518m) and Fanthams Peak (1,692m) comprise the volcano, which is the youngest of four Taranaki volcanic centres. View a live image of Mount Taranaki (taken from Inglewood) on the Taranaki Vista website. There are multiple hikes with varying lengths and difficulties.

National park

Climbers need a good knowledge of the mountain’s unique snow and ice conditions, a high level experience, the right equipment and knowledge of how to use it. The first ascent of Mt Taranaki is attributed to Tahurangi, who lit a fire on the summit to prove he had taken possession of the mountain for the Taranaki tribes. For those interested in botany, Egmont National Park makes it possible to observe the progression of plant species from surf to summit. The lowland forest is scattered with rimu and rata trees, which gradually make way for kamahi, totara and kaikawaka.
  • The main climbing route to the summit starts at North Egmont, and you need to allow 6 to 8 hours for the return trip.
  • From Finding The Universe - New Zealand Water Fall to November, the mountain is covered in snow and ice - mountaineering experience and equipment is required.
  • Kingswood Manor Motel is challenging so should only be attempted by those with a high level of fitness and trekking experience.
  • He decided that both names – Mount Taranaki and Mount Egmont – would become official.

The forested area matches the national park boundary fairly closely.
They gave the examples of ‘Te Rere a Noke’ for Dawson Falls and ‘Panitahi' for Fantham's Peak. While both Taranaki and Egmont were used on maps up until the 1930s, many Europeans gradually stopped using Taranaki. Living in Christchurch, I travel a lot around in the South Island. A couple of hours drive (or even less) and you’ll find some really cool stuff to see and do.
Primarily Tōtara and Kamahi trees, the forest around this part of Mount Taranaki sparks the imagination of a Goblin Forest. Dripping with moss and lichens, the tree trunks and branches have grown through and around existing trees to create a distinctive twisted forest. New Zealand’s newest premier one day walks, the Taranaki Pouakai Crossing lets you soak in the highlights of the Pouakai Circuit on the northern slopes of Mount Taranaki. The 19km trail boosts stunning views the summit and Pouakai Ranges.
The Taranaki Alpine Club maintains Tahurangi Lodge on the north slope of the mountain, just next to the television tower. The lodge is frequently used as the base for public climbs to the summit held in the summer months. The various climbing and tramping clubs organize these public events and provide informal guides. In Roundtheworld New Zealnad - Hotels In Queenstown Nz , the local paper Daily News was still using ‘Egmont’ when Lance Girling-Butcher became editor.
“Rubbish being dropped, people standing in sacred spots and, worse still, people defecating on it; these have become real issues,” said my walking guide, George White, from Top Guides NZ. He outlined the problems as we made our way up to the Pouakai tarns, a collection of pools on the range opposite Taranaki’s north face – its most-photographed side. We hoped to catch sight of the mountain reflected in the water at sunset. The area surrounding Mt Taranaki is still known as Egmont National Park. With as many as 13 entrances, it's one of the most accessible wilderness areas in the country - making Taranaki the "most-climbed mountain".
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