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'Two outs were heavy.' Close Doosan's back door without finishing.

The Doosan Bears suffered a painful come-from-behind defeat.

Doosan lost 6-12 in the third game between the NC Dinos of the "2020 Shinhan Bank SOL KBO League" held at Jamsil Stadium in Seoul on Monday.

The Doosan Bears had a complete victory.대전휴게텔 Doosan took the lead 4-3 through the top of the ninth inning. Kwon Hyuk, who came up in the eighth inning, took the first out count in the top of the ninth inning and handed the mound over to Lee Hyung-bum, a closer last year.

The remaining two outcounts were far from Doosan. Lee Hyung-bum, who was hit by Park Seok-min, also gave Na Sung-bum a hit. On top of that, Yang Eui-ji was on the verge of bases loaded with one out as he walked out.

Shaked Lee eventually allowed Kwon Hee-dong to score a push-out equalizer as he was hit by a ball that hit him, and eventually allowed Roh Jin-hyuk a two-run double.

At 6-4, Choi Won-jun came up to put out the urgent fire, but Choi Won-jun also couldn't easily sell the game. After getting a timely hit from Kang Jin-sung, he hit a three-run homer with an alteger wedge, and after Park Min-woo's hit, he also hit a two-run homer to Kim Jun-wan. He managed to finish the inning, but the score widened to 4-12. He followed two runs in the ninth inning, but it was not enough to fill the gap.

As Lee Hyung-bum continued to falter, manager Kim Tae-hyung expressed his intention to hire pitchers depending on the situation. Doosan's relief pitcher's ERA this season is 8.14, the lowest in the league. 전라휴게텔Ham Deok-ju, who had set the finishing stage the previous day without a clear finishing pitcher, failed to take the mound as a rest, and Pil Seung-jo resources such as Lee Hyun-seung, Yoon Myung-joon and Park Chi-guk were already exhausted.

With the shocking result of nine runs in the ninth inning, Doosan was once again worried about cracking down on the back door. /

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