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You're buying a lot of money.Chinchenko, "Missed as our team bus driver."

Leroy Sanne failed to manage his weight during the self-price period. Manchester City colleague Oleksandr Zinchenko confessed that he almost didn't recognize Sanne's changed appearance.

Sane has been out of action all season due to a long-term injury. It started when the team suffered a broken knee cross in a community shield game against Liverpool in the 2019-20 season last August.

Although the possibility of a season-out was raised, he was on the verge of making a comeback after six months of recovery. Sane appeared in the second-tier 제주휴게텔

Manchester City match and reportedly played 57 minutes. However, the league has been suspended due to the spread of the new Korona virus, and Sanae's return has been delayed.

As the Premier League recently set June 18 as the date for reopening, clubs have also begun training. Sanae also appeared to participate in the Manchester City training, but she was reportedly fat enough to be unrecognizable by her colleagues.

In an interview with "Trivuna" on the 22nd (Korea time), Jinchenko said, "I saw Sane leave the training ground. At first, I thought you were our team bus driver. I didn't recognize him.

"We also talked briefly about the transfer between Sanne and Bayern. "I think it's far from being a Bayern transfer," he said. "But I think I need to lose weight first. I heard you gained 7 kilograms," he said.

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