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Between the mouth and the edge of the anus

And Marilyn!
After a big kiss - part one

Somewhere in Germany, in mid-forest villa, three people joined an unusual bond.

Friendship? Sweetheart? Or maybe just mad quack, mental heir Mengele, zszył they made from the mouth, creating a sort of human centipede? Unfortunately (or perhaps fortunately, filmwebowe zboczuszki?) The right answer is the third option.

In whose head came up and how this otherwise eccentric concept? Well, to quote the news, Tom Six, director of photography, once chatting with colleagues, proposed to punish the miscreants harassing youths as cruelly - stitching them mouth to ass greasy truck drivers. The idea of ​​creating a film "Siamese triplets" connected by a common digestive passed me as much controversy as entertaining and innovative.

Just cool. You could create an original show balancing on the verge of abomination koprofagicznego "Salo", and juicy gore perverse circle of "Guinea Pig". Unfortunately, Six interesting idea completely botched.

It was known that "human centipede" will film for hermetic group of viewers and reception of the film lovers outside the group so crazy climates will be unambiguous. Meanwhile, we get a film that also from the perspective of the average moviegoer is simply weak. Screenplay let me euphemistically called thin - Two young American women crisscross Europe (remember the "Hostel"?). In the middle of the woods German car refuses to obey them.

White Head on foot instead of the apostolsku follow along the road, cut through the dark forest until reach the elegant property, in which destiny catches up with them. Germanic psycho create the girls and later captured a Japanese chain charming. Another complaint concerns the acting.

While exaggerated (in the assumption presumably demonic) style of play Dr. Heiter (Dieter Laser has even been rewarded for this small part) can be noted in the Convention, so far as the girls are simply colorless and silly exaggeration. The film does not recommend even to those who have turned to him Gnani erotic fantasies. Creators, drowning in the depths of filmidła sluggish start, grasp at straws as not very finely interwoven motif old German pervert - for fans of blue movies from behind the western border is almost the archetypal hero. A dirty old man does not affect the action - is really repulsive and unnecessary enrichment of the local folklore. Visually, the picture does not knock. I was almost perversely curious how the alleged centipede will be present. Sorely disappointed.

All sensitive human invertebrate (ie, backside connection with the organs of speech) carefully hidden under bandages.

The next step to bury the idea intriguing. And so it presents the whole picture - consistent ne'er fresh ideas. Actually, the only advantage of the film is quite intriguing ending. The creators of "Human Centipede" defiantly announce the continuation - this time in a familiar chain see up to twelve unfortunates. Oh gewalt, wind groats nose !.

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