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Massacres continued

It's almost a tradition.
For some time, namely since 2004, every year to cinemas worldwide hit another part of the "Saw". As befits a cult series, it has both supporters and opponents. You just worry about that as you enter each digit to the title, the latter meaning arrives. But this year, unless the creator survived a real shock. Their latest film, "Saw VI" unrivaled lost his battle with budget "Paranormal Activity" and the cost involved in the film does not translate into the number of viewers. After watching the movie a little all this blame, because another sequel, but worse than its predecessor, came out pretty good.
The plot of the film is not introduced major changes. Patrick Melton and Marcus Dunstan, who have the fourth part are responsible for the screenplay, further put primarily on entertainment, other advantages of putting the film on the side. Hoffman partly responsible for the death of Agent Strahm is no longer so confident, because the FBI is slowly starting to solve the puzzle and guess his secret. He is forced to lay another deadly game, which will ensure that the screen again spilled the blood of many a not an innocent man. Just as in the "top five" at the very beginning of the first to observe trap. I will not betray its details, but in my opinion this is one of the best games from the beginning of the series. It amazes creativity, and everything is presented in a very realistic way.
Moreover, I could not help to those in place in spite of all the poor people to put yourself what formed me in the head and terrifying vision led to some reflection.
Lie has shapely legs
After such a sensational start my hopes on a successful film increased even more. Unfortunately, it was worse then. Another ambush were not as effective, and in some it was difficult to immediately catch. But I have to commend the new director for the fact that he was able to accurately show the change of people in the face of danger.
Especially well it was visible in the scene of the carousel, in which seven people were fighting for their lives, and only one card handed out. Basing their hopes only on the words, and they promised to invent all kinds of things, often not true (at least as could be expected), just to stay alive. I admit I was very impressed with how easy it is to show human nature. But the big plus for the movie. Just like the previous parts, so the sixth edition was in response to questions bothering year, but the new source. As announced, the plan was revealed in part Jigsaw, who spent sleepless nights since the beginning of the adventure fans of "Saw." However, I am disconsolate fact that there was no mention of Dr. Gordon, who remains the biggest mystery to me. On the other hand, it may just as well, because this causes with such curiosity I expect the next part. Generally speaking, "Saw VI" is a successful follow-up, which made me a large viewing pleasure. Although the technical side does not grasp the heart, especially the acting and music, but not what it was all about, and above all fun.
Long versus short

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