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Revelation Online is a free-to-play large multiplayer online role-playing game developed by NetEase, under the title "Revelation" in China and Revelation Online in the rest of the globe. It is published by in Europe and also North America, as well as got an open launch worldwide on March 6, 2017. The video game features classic MMORPG gameplay and also is embeded in a world motivated influenced by the publications of the Chinese dream writer Jiang Nan. Revelation Online gets normal update material updates, with the most recent, Paradise as well as Earth, due for launch in 2019.

Revelation Online is embeded in the fantasy globe of Nuanor, with its globe, personalities, and concepts being influenced by Chinese mythology and folklore, and based upon tales composed by the preferred Chinese fantasy writer Jiang Nan.

Revelation Online is embeded in an open globe, as well as attributes over 100 hours of tale material, raids and dungeons. Players can use the power of trip to check out and take a trip, with aerial combat readily available as soon as gamers reach a specific degree. Numerous classes are offered, consisting of the Assassin, Gunslinger, Spiritshaper, Lead, as well as Swordmage. Players can join PvP battles, guild fights, and collaborate to finish missions or participate in connections.

The material upgrade Heaven and also Planet, due for release in 2019, will certainly include brand-new tale content, the capability to marry other players, Battle Buddies, and a tough holy place featuring twelve bosses based on the Chinese Zodiac indicators.

Revelation Online was established by the China-based programmer NetEase, that partnered with Snowstorm Amusement on Chinese variations of games such as Wow, Hearthstone, Diablo III, Warcraft III, and also StarCraft II. Development began in 2005, and Revelation Online was released for its open beta stage in China in June 2015.

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